1:16, 3½″ GAUGE
Complete sets in cast iron


1:16 scale, ¾″: 1 foot. Standard Gauge on 3½″ track.
See also:   Prices and stock of individual 3½″ wheel castings.

I have two drawings for the tyre profile for 3½″ gauge. (See Form Tools). One is a reproduction of the BR profile at a scale of 1:16 (with a 1.8 mm deep flange), the other has a slightly deeper flange (at 2.4 mm) and is based on the dimensions on the I.B.L.S. web site for live steam models.

Tyre widths: Martin Evans suggests 9.5 mm which is almost exact scale width for a 6 inch wide tyre. IBLS suggest 10.32 mm (13/32″) minimum, presumably to allow for over-scale flange ways.

External links to: The Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies.
I.B.L.S (International Brotherhood of Live Steamers).]

            WAGONS             Sets of castings
N15. 3′ 1″, split spokes. £60.00 Images
N16. 3′ 1″, solid oval spokes. £60.00 Images
N52. 3′ 1″, solid rectangular spokes. £60.00 Images
LMS Sets of castings
2-6-0 Stanier 4F, later 4MT. £390.72 Images
GERMANY Sets of castings
Bavarian, 0-8-0 0-8-0T, class Gt 2 x 4/4, DB 96. £437.76 Images
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17 Sept 2016