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10 mm/ft scale
MR and also GN tender wheels.

4′ 3″ diam., 12 oval spokes, rectangular inner rim.
Hub 16″ face dia., ½″ out from the tyre.

Sources: measurements taken direct from tenders of the Midland Compound and an 0-6-0 4F.

Note: some tenders later aquired one or more pairs of the LMS vee rim wheels, casting P38.

Casting: 42.5mm tread dia., 35.7 mm i/d., hub 0.4 mm out from the tyre.

Casting prices and stock . LMS loco sets, price list . MR loco sets, price list

Scan of castings in a set for a LMS 2-6-0 Crab . MR 0-6-0 4F with prototype photos., MR 4-4-0 later Compounds

Scan of casting T59   Scan of casting T59 scale

Cross section diagram of casting T59

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