Casting prices and stock:
T59 . T67 . T68, 69

Wheel data:
T59 . T67 . T68, 69

MR sets, price list
Scan of castings T68 and T69

Scan of casting T67   Scan of casting T59

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight c. 1290 gr
for Midland Railway 4-4-0 later Compounds with 6 wheeled tenders at 10 mm/ft

Complete sets consist of 4 x T67 leading, 2 x T68 front, 2 x T69 rear driving and 6 x T59 tender wheels.

Note: the earlier 4-4-0 2183, 150, 60 classes have the front driving wheel weights in a different position, down to the right of the pin.

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29 Mar 2013