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T75 . T229 . T20

Wheel data
T75 . T229 . T20

GWR loco sets price list
Scan of casting T75 Scan of casting T229 Scan of casting T20

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight c. 980 gr
for GWR Churchward 2-8-0 28xx class at 1:32

Early series built 1903-1919. Driving wheel with the gaps between the spokes not filled in each side of the pin. P229 was made to a works drawing for a 2-8-0T 42xx class. It has a much smaller hub than in the later Collett build locos. The photographs of the Churchward 28xx locos in Haresnape and Swain suggest that this is the correct casting for the early locos of this class.
The preserved locomotive No 2818 measured at York in 2001 from the early series, appears to have aquired later wheels with larger hubs.

A full set consists of 2 x P75 leading, 8 x P229 driving and 6 x P20 tender wheels.

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

The prototype driving wheel weights are surface mounted castings and are not cast in.

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28 Mar 2013