scan of casting H329 scan of casting H330 scan of casting H331

scan of casting H333   scan of casting H332

for SAR 2-8-4 class 24 including 12 wheel "buck-eye" bogie tender.

at 1:24, ½" : 1ft scale

A full set consists of 2 x H333 leading wheels, 4 x H229 outer, 2 x H330 mid coupled wheels, and 2 x H331 driven wheels, 4 x H333 trailing and 8 x H332 tender wheels.

Note: this set of castings includes disc leading and trailing and tender wheels. I also have drawings for class 24 plain wheels with spokes but do not know whether any early locos had these or whether the drawings were cancelled before manufacture started. The spoked equivalent wheels are H103 for H333 and H104 for H332.

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Full size for 85 dpi screens.  Bare weight c. 1,702 gr.

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12 June 2021