scan of casting H250   scan of casting H367  scan of casting H251

Casting prices
and stock

Wheel data:
H250, H251, H367
H103 . H332

Narrow gauge
loco set price list
scan of casting H103               scan of casting H332

Full size for
85 dpi screens

Bare weight
c. 1,700 gr.
for SAR 4-8-2 class 15F including an 8 wheel bogie tender

at 1:24,   ½" : 1ft scale

A full set consists of 4 x H103 leading wheels, 2 x H250 driven 2 of H367 intermediate and 4 x H251 outer coupled driving wheels, 2 x H332 trailing and 8 x H332 tender wheels.

Disc trailing and tender wheels. I first made patterns for the 15F from a published drawing by Ian Beattie. It showed trailing and tender wheels at 2' 10" diameter with 10 spokes. I have seen a photograph of a 15F trailing wheel as a disc wheel, but have not come across any information to support the 2' 10" wheels having spokes. If you require 2' 10" wheels with spokes, substitute H104 for H332 at the same price.

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11 August 2018