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1:24 scale
Plain wheels for the SAR 15F, 25 and 25NC and GMAM classes.

2′ 6″ diam., 8 oval spokes, rectangular inner rim.
Hub 10″ face dia., ½″ out from the tyre.

Casting: 31.75 mm dia., 25.3 i/d., hub 0.5 mm out from the tyre.

Narrow gauge loco set prices . Casting prices and stock

Scan of a casting in a set for a SAR 15F, SAR 25, 25NC, SAR GMAM
EAR class 59 (with extra clearance).

Note: Class 24 leading and trailing bogies and classes 25, 25NC trailing bogie with outside bearings, skim the hub to a scale 1/4 inch below the font of the tyre. Ref. wks drg. 304.

Castings H101 and H102

Cross section diagram of casting H103

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27 Mar 2013