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1:24 scale
H250, H251, H363 and H364
Driving wheels for the SAR 4-8-2 15F class.

5′ 0″ diam., 14 oval spokes, rectangular inner rim, 3½″ apparent tread.
Hubs 7.7 and 9.3″ face dias., 1½″ out from the tyres, pin between at 14″.

Source: works drawings 261, 263.

Casting: 63.5 mm tread dia., 55.8 mm i/d, hub 1.6 mm out from the tyre, pin at 14.8 mm.

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Scan of the castings in a set for a SAR 15F

Scan of casting H250 Scan of casting H251 Scan of casting H363 Scan of casting H364

Cross section diagram of castings 250 and 251
The hubs of the driven wheels, H250 and H363, extend at the pin end closer to the rim than does its very large weight. To avoid cutting into the weight I turn the middle of the hub in the normal way, but at the pin end I put the lathe into neutral and just rocked the chuck back and forth by hand while gradualy moving the tool further towards the edge.

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27 Mar 2013