Casting prices and stock:
T67 . T68, 69 . T98

Wheel data:
T67 . T68, 69 . T98

MR loco sets price list
Scan of castings T68 and T69

Scan of casting T67   Scan of casting T98

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight c. 1320 gr
for Midland Railway 7' 0" 4-4-0 Compound classes
with original bogie tenders at 10 mm/ft

(Not be confused with the later LMS 6' 9" versions built from 1924.)

Complete sets consist of 4 x T67 leading, 2 x T68 front, 2 x T69 rear driving and 6 x T98 tender wheels.

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29 Mar 2013