Scan of castings T107, T108 and T109

Casting prices and stock:
T31 . T106 . T107, 108, 109

Wheel data:
T31 . T106 . T107, 108, 109

GER loco sets price list
Scan of casting T106   Scan of casting T31

Bare weight c. 1580 gr.
for GER S69/LNER B12 at 10 mm/ft

Complete sets consist of 4 x T106 bogie, 2 x T107 front, 2 x T108 mid and 2 x T109 rear driving wheels
and 6 x T31 tender wheels.

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

Photo of B12 drivers
Photo of B12 front driver
Photo of B12 mid driver
Photo of B12 bogie wheel
Photo of B12 rear driver
B12 at Weybourne in 1995

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28 Mar 2013