Scan of castings P279, P280 and P281


Casting prices and stock
P278 . P279, 280, 281 . P282

Wheel data
P278 . P279, 280, 281 . P282

Russian loco sets price list
Scan of casting P278 Scan of casting P282

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight
c. 950 gr.
for the Russian 2-6-2 Prairie locomotive Class S at 1:32

A complete set consists of 2 x P278 leading, 2 x P279 leading drivers, 2 x P280 mid drivers, 2 x P281 rear drivers (flangeless), 2 x P282 trailing and 8 x P278 tender wheels.

Dimensions from copies of original works drawings and photographs of preserved S68 (=С68).

Wheel castings for other Russian classes can be made to order from new patterns.
I have copies of works drawings for classes Em, Fd and Su (Эм, фд и Су)

Photograph of a set of machined drivers

Photograph of a set of machined plain wheels

Machined to G1MRA Fine standard

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28 Mar 2013