Scan of casting P134   Scan of casting P153   Scan of casting P38
for L.M.S 4-6-0 Jubilee at 1:32

A full set consists of 4 x P134 leading, 6 x P153 driving, and 6 x P38 tender wheels.

For the odd locos such as 5684, Jutland, which had non-reinforced spokes use Duchess drivers, P37.

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

The prototype driving wheel weights are surface mounted plates, and are not cast in.

Links:   Home.   Casting prices and stock: P38, P134, P153.   Wheel data: P38, P134, P153.   LMS loco sets price list.

Full size for 103 dpi screens   Bare weight
c. 1,270 gr.

Photo of a preserved locomotive
Photo of prototype wheels
Photo of prototype wheels
Photo of prototype wheels
Kolhapur at Loughborough in 1995

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