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P177 . P93

Wheel data
P177 . P93

BR loco sets price list

Scan of casting P93   Scan of casting P177

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Photo of machined wheels
A set of wheels machined to the G1MRA Fine standard.

for BR class 41, D600 Warship Diesels at 1:32

A full set consists of 8 of P93 and 4 of P177. Price per set of castings: £142.56

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

TURNED SETS, insulated one side and mounted on telescopic axles are £229.92 per set of 6 pairs plus £8.60 special delivery.

Deduct £3.06 if no insulation is required. Deduct £12.30 if axles are not required.

CHOOSE: Gauge One Fine, 42 mm back to back with 1.5 mm deep flange (as in the photo above from the insulated end),
or Gauge One Standard, 40 mm back to back with 1.5 or 2.0 mm deep flanges
(A dead scale flange of about 0.94 mm deep with no taper on the back can also be applied)

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28 Mar 2013