I have now ceased to take on any new orders for machining castings apart from plain wheels for diesel locos.

Different machinists have their own preferred methods of mounting wheels:

Walsall Model Industries can machine my castings and mount them on their square ended, self quartering axles. Insulation where required is inserted across the individual spokes.

Both Richard Hersey and Steve Ross use Tufnol hub insulation where required, mounting the wheels on round-ended, telescopic jointed axles quartered and kept in position with a taper pin.
Their contact details can be supplied on request.

CASTING DELAYS AT THE FOUNDRY. The foundry has experienced a large surge in orders for industry in general - they have announced (in August 2021), an increase in their lead time to 16+ weeks while they attempt to reduce the backlog of orders.

I have recently enlarged my castings images from the earlier 85 dpi resolution to the higher resolution of 103 dpi as that now seems to be the new standard for computer screens. To see these slightly larger images and your computer is showing you earlier images stored in your cache from previous visits instead of the new ones on the web - you may need to empty your cache. Refreshing the feed from the web may not be sufficient by itself.


November 2020
Dutch 4-4-0 NS 1700 class at 1:45.

Dutch 2-4-2T NS 7100 class at 1:45.

GER 0-6-0 Y14/LNER J15 for 5 inch gauge.

March 2021
LNWR Webb 2-4-2T 5'6" Tank at 1:32.

NRZ/RR 4-6-4+4-6-4 15th class at 1:24 for Gauge 1.

LMS 4-6-0 Black Five at 1:32.

Courpet-Louvet Metre gauge 0-6-0T at 16 mm/ft (1:19.05).

Dutch 2-4-2T NS 7100 class at 1:32.

LBSC etc 2-2-2 Jenny Lind for Gauge 3.

June 2021
NER 4-2-2 J class at 7 mm/ft.

South African SAR Electric Bo Bo 5/6E at 1:24.


Australian 2-6-0 NSWGR class Z25 at 7 mm/ft. (Same as MSWJR).

MOS/WD 0-6-0T Austerity tank, LNER J94 at 7 mm/ft.

NER 4-4-2 Z/LNER C7 class at 7 mm/ft.

SER 4-4-0 F class for 5 inch gauge.

NRZ/RR 4-6-4+4-6-4 15th class at 1:12 for 3½" Gauge.

EAR 4-8-2+2-8-4 class 59 at 1:24.

LSWR 0-4-4T class M7, (locos with balanced axles) at 7 mm/ft. (Also suits 4-4-0 L11.)

Trinidad Government Railways Kitson 4-4-0T at 7 mm/ft.

Dutch 2-6-0 NS 3000 class/ Swiss B 3/4 1601-1747 at 1:45.

LNER 2-6-2 V2, loco only for 7¼ inch gauge.

SAR 4-6-2 16E at 1:8 scale for 5 inch gauge.

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