I have now ceased to take on any new orders for machining castings apart from plain wheels for diesel locos.

Different machinists have their own preferred methods of mounting wheels:

Walsall Model Industries can machine my castings and mount them on their square ended, self quartering axles. Insulation where required is inserted across the individual spokes.

Both Richard Hersey and Steve Ross use Tufnol hub insulation where required, mounting the wheels on round-ended, telescopic jointed axles quartered and kept in position with a taper pin.
Their contact details can be supplied on request.


At present I have form tools available for Gauge 0 Scale 7, Gauge 0 Fine, Gauge One Scale 32, Gauge One Fine, Gauge One Standard and for Gauge 3 Standard, 3 1/2″ and for 7 1/4″ gauge. Link to form tool profile drawings and stock list. Tools to other profiles can be supplied to order.
Tool sizes for Gauge 0, Gauge One 1 and for Gauge 3 are 3/8 x 3/8 x 4″. £45.00 each plus delivery.
Tool sizes for 3 1/2″ gauge are 1/2 x 1/2 x 4″. £50.00 each plus delivery.
Tool sizes for 7 1/4″ gauge are 1/2 x 1 x 4″. £60.00 each plus delivery.

The G 1 Fine tool can also be used on G 1 Standard width tyres where a 1.5 mm deep flange is preferred.
The tools have the same profile all down the end of the tool and can be sharpened by grinding a small amount off the top face. Mine usually profile about 80 to 100 wheels between sharpenings.


October 2019
Dutch 2-4-0 HSM 74/NS 1000 class at 1:45.

Dutch 2-4-0 SS 301/NS 1300 class at 1:45.

HR 4-4-0 Loch class at 7 mm/ft.

HR 4-4-0 Skye Bogie class at 7 mm/ft.

January 2020
Austria 0-8-0 BBÖ class 73 at 1:45.

Dutch 4-4-2T SS 700/NS 5500 class at 1:45.

Kitson 0-6-0T with 13 spoke, 4′6″ wheels, also used on Manchester Ship Canal and Coppice Colliery at 7 mm/ft.

M & G.N./LNER J93 for 5 inch gauge.

BR 4-6-2 Britannia, drivers for 5 inch gauge.

July 2020
Dutch 0-6-0 HSM 600/NS 3200 at 1:45.

USA. Virginian Railway. EL-1A, EL-3A driving wheels at 1:32.

GWR 0-6-0PT 57xx for 5 inch gauge.

Australian 4-4-0 NSWGR class Z12 at 7 mm/ft.

Dutch 0-4-0T NS 8100 class at 1:45.

South African SAR 4-8-4 class 25NC at 1:24.


Dutch 4-4-0 NS 1700 class at 1:45.

Dutch 2-4-2T NS 7100 class at 1:45.

GER 0-6-0 Y14/LNER J15 for 5 inch gauge.

LNWR Webb 2-4-2T 5'6" Tank at 1:32.

NRZ/RR 4-6-4+4-6-4 15th class at 1:24.


The current batch of waxes was taken to the foundry on August 19th.

Revised 10 Sept 2020.

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