for GWR 0-6-0PT 57xx class at 10 mm/ft

57xx class numbers from Russell: 5700-99, 6700-6779, 7700-7799, 8700-8799, 9701-9799, 3600-3699,
3700-3799, 4600-4699, 9600-9682.

A full set consists of 6 x V45 driving trailing wheels.

Bare weight c. 5.280 kg. per set.

The prototype driving wheel weights are surface mounted plates, and are not cast in.

Links: Home . Casting prices and stock: V45 . Wheel data: V45 . GWR loco sets price list

Scan of casting V45

Full size for 103 dpi screens.

Photograph of a Locomotive at Llangollen in 1995
No 7754 at Llangollen in 1995

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