Scan of castings T64 and T65

Scan of casting T41   Scan of casting T42  Scan of casting T66

for L.N.E.R Gresley 2-6-2 V2 with group standard tender at 10 mm/ft

A full set consists of 2 x T41, leading, 2 x T64 mid & 4 x T65 outer driving wheels, 2 x T42 trailing and 6 x T66 tender wheels.
Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard.

These castings are suitable for Martin Evans 'Green Arrow' live steam design; Drawings available from Highbury Nexus customer services, Boundary Way, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, Herts. HP2 7ST. Tel: 01322 660070.
Reference L.O. 939, sheets 1 - 6.

Links:   Home.   Casting prices and stock: T41, T42, T64, 65, T66.   Wheel data: T41, T42, T64, 65, T66.   LNER loco sets price list.

Full size for 103 dpi screens.   Bare weight c.1438 gr.

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21 June 2021