Scan of castings T11 and T12 Scan of casting T14
for GER 0-6-2T L77/LNER N7/1,4,5 at 10 mm/ft
Locomotives with 3'9" radial carrying wheels.

Complete sets consist of 2 x T11 mid, 4 x T12 outer driving wheels and 2 x T14 trailing wheels.

GA drawing at NRM: No. 4/GW/1125/E (2 sheets), plan, side and end elevations.

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

Links:   Home.   Casting prices and stock: T11, 12, T14.   Wheel data: T11, 12, T14.   GER loco sets price list.

Full size for 103 dpi screens.   Bare weight c. 780 gr.

Photo of prototype wheels
Photo of prototype wheels
N7 No 999 at Chappell, April 1994.

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