Casting prices and stock:
P286 . P288

Wheel data:
P286 . P288

LBSC loco sets
price list

Scan of castings P286     Scan of casting P288

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight c. 800 gr
for LBSC 2-2-2 G class at 1:32

A full set consists of 10 x P286 carrying and tender wheels and 2 x P288 driving wheels.

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

Scan of machined castings
A full set turned to 6.0 mm wide at the tyres (for G1MRA standard track) and 1.5 mm deep flanges (as in G1 Fine). The drivers are to a partly worn diameter (63.7 mm dia over the flanges) to give clearance under the splashers.

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11 June 2013