Scan of castings P226, P227 and P228


Casting prices and stock:
P106 . P226, 227, 228 . P31

Wheel data:
P106 . P226, 227, 228 . P31

GER loco sets price list
Scan of casting P106   Scan of casting P31

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight c. 1340 gr
for GER 4-6-0 S69/LNER B12 at 1:32

As built by the GER after the first 5 locos had their wheel balancing changed.

Complete sets consist of 4 x P106 bogie, 2 x P226 front, 2 x P227 mid and 2 x P228 rear driving wheels
and 6 x P31 tender wheels.

Suitable for Gauge One Fine or Standard

Tyre thicknesses for 'Dead' Scale modellers: Bogies, 5⅜″ = 4.27 mm., (GER Soc. drawing).
Drivers, 5¾″ = 4.56 mm. (Own measurement, preserved loco).
Tender, 5½″= 4.37 mm. (Own measurement of tender with preserved J15).

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28 Mar 2013