Scan of casting B407   Scan of casting B408   Scan of casting B409   Scan of casting B410
for Australian NSWGR 4-4-0 C79, C80 later Z12 class at 7 mm/ft

A full set consists of and 4 x B407 bogie, 2 x B408 (front) and 2 x B409 (rear) driving and 6 x B410 tender wheels.

Sources: works drawings by Dubbs & Co and by Beyer Peacock & Co.

Links:   Home.   Casting prices and stock: B407. B408, 409. B410.   Wheel data: B407 . B408, 409 . B410.   Australian loco sets price list.

Full size for 103 dpi screens.   Bare weight c. 310 gr.

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11 June 2021