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7 mm/ft scale
B408, B409
NSWGR 4-4-0 class Z12 driving wheels.

5′ 6½″ diam., 18 rectangular spokes, apparent tread 3″, tyre width 5½″.
Hub 15″ face dia., 1″ out from the tyre, pin in line at 12″.
Note the very slight forward projection of the tyre from the inner rim - the tyre was held to the wheel centre by bolts.

Casting: 38.8 tread dia., 35.2 i/d., hub 0.6 mm out from the tyre, pin at 7.0 mm radius.

Casting prices and stock . Australian loco sets, price list

Scan of castings in a set for a NSWGR 4-4-0 Z12.

Scan of casting B408 Scan of casting B409

Cross section diagram of castings B408, 409
This example shows a tyre width of 3.5 mm for Gauge 0 Fine.
For Scale7 remove more metal from the back of the wheel to give a tyre thickness of 3.2 mm instead of 3.5 mm.

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27 Mar 2013