AXLES with telescopic joints for easy removal of wheels especially for fitting gearboxes. Supplied with a taper pin in a standard 1/16" taper reamed hole.

3/16" nominal diameter x 55 mm. £2.05 each.
1/4" diameter x 64 mm. £3.05 each.
1/4" diameter x 84 mm. £3.15 each.

Scan of telescopic axles
before reaming the wheels - if in doubt ream a piece of scrap metal first as a test. For press fits I usually ream 4.75 mm for 3/16" rod and 6.33mm for 1/4". (0.02 mm less for Delrin or Tufnol bushes).
ADHESIVES: several builders secure wheels to axles with Anaerobic adhesives. These give you the chance to quarter the wheels on the axles by trial and error before setting. Locktite Retainer 601 "For high strength retention of close fitting parts" or Locktite 603 (oil tolerant version) appear to be most suitable.
BEARINGS Brass bearings for 3/16", 1/4", 6.0 or 7.0 mm axles. Down each side is a 4.0 mm wide slot which gives a sliding fit in 5/32" width horns (or 1/16" frames edged with 3/32" strip). The 9.5 mm width between the horns gives a sliding fit for 3/8" horns.
There is enough metal at each end to recess for spring or to thread for a stud.
Fitting example: for purely functional support I use 1/16" frames and solder lengths of 5/32" square brass along the inner faces of the cut-outs, overlapping into the gap by the depth of the bearing slot. This places the outer face of the bearing level with the outer face of the frames. The ends of the square bars are then drilled and tapped for M2.0 thread for the screws which secure the keeper strips. These are cut from 20g brass sheet.
The 7.0 version is just thick enough for widening to 8.0 mm if needed.
£1.57 each

Scan of square bearings

Brass bearings
Drawing of bearings fitted to frames
Example of fitting with 1/6″ frames and 4.0 mm or 5/32″ square bar.
CYLINDER BLOCK CASTINGS In leaded gun metal. 10 mm/ft.
TC-1. LBSC 'H' for Martin Evans Southern Belle.
The flange is a little uneven but it is about 3 mm so you should be able to get a level 2 mm as in the design.
The casting is for cylinders of overall size of 30 mm long x 21 mm diameter.
£7.52 each
Image of a bronze cylinder casting
TAPER PINS 1/16" x 3/8", standard taper (as used in the jointed axles). £0.25 each.
COIL SPRINGS 2.1 i/d, 2.9 o/d, 9 mm compressing to 2.6 mm. 0.30 mm wire. £0.20 each
FORM TOOLS For Gauge One Scale 32, Fine and Standard, and for Gauge Three Standard.
Other profiles to order.
£40.00 plus delivery per tool. See drawings and images on the form tools page.
ALUMINIUM BAR cut lengths about 23 mm long of aluminium round bar for making back and front turning support discs and wheel press discs.
In the following diameters: 38 mm (1½") £1.91, 44 mm (1¾") £2.11, 50 mm (2") £2.51, 57 mm (2¼") £2.57, 63 mm (2½") £2.71, 76 mm (3") £3.56, 82 mm (3¼") £4.55, 100 mm (4") £5.68, 112 mm (4½") £7.71 each.
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21 April 2017