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10 mm/ft scale
NER 0-6-0T E1/LNER J72 driving wheel.

4′ 1″ diam., 12 oval spokes, humped inner rim, apparent tread 4″.
Hub 13″ face dia., 3″ out from the tyre, pin in line at 11″.

Source: preserved loco No 69023 measured direct.

Casting: 41.0 mm tread dia., 34.6 mm i/d., hub 2.5 mm out from the tyre, pin at 9.2 mm.

Casting prices and stock . NER loco sets, price list

Scan of a casting in a set for a NER 0-6-0T E1/LNER J72

Scan of casting T194

Cross section diagram of casting T194

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27 Mar 2013