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1:16, 3½″ gauge
LMS tender wheel.

3′ 6½″ diam., 10 oval spokes, vee shaped inner rim, apparent tread 4″.
Hub 13″ face dia., ½″ out from the tyre.

Casting: 67.5 mm tread dia., i/d 54.8 mm., hub 0.8 mm out from the tyre.

Casting prices and stock . LMS loco sets, price list

Scan of a casting in a set for a LMS 2-6-0 4MT

Scan of casting N51

Cross section diagram of casting N51

Note: this casting is also suitable for exact scale width tyres: e.g. a common Locomotive tyre width is 6 inches = 9.52 mm (or 0.375") at 1:16 scale.

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20 Jan 2017