Great Yeldham Footpath Walks,
10a: Cobbs Lakes, Oliver's Farm, Toppesfield, clockwise walk.

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Walk 10a Route map

About 2¼ hours. About 4¾ miles.

This walk includes two lengths of permissive paths with access scheduled to end on 30 September 2012. Visit the DEFRA website.

Start: Great Yeldham Village Green.

Go along Bridge Street, over the bridge, go left of the small triangular green to the High Street.

Just opposite to the Police Station cross the main road.

Go up the concrete steps just to the left of the Police Station, follow the path behind the houses. (To avoid the steps go to the top right side of Whitlock Drive, and go through the gap on the right).

At the end of the houses go left along the old railway line on the left alongside the Highways depot. Go right and left along the bottom of the Sports Ground, then left and right again to the end of the depot's fencing. Leave by the hard track to the Toppesfield Road. The route across the Highways depot land has recently been conceded as a public right of way.

Go right onto Toppesfield Road, pass one house on your left and go left at a footpath signpost beside the abandoned embankment. Go right through two field gates into a meadow.

A little way into the meadow, known as Cobblands, with the fence on your left, go left over a stile, then right so that you follow the same fence but now on the other side. This is an area of open public access under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. It rather conveniently provides a link in our local footpath network.

Keep ahead, passing Cobbs Lake on your left and leave the Countryside Stewardship Area over a stile beside the gate.

Go ahead to the far bottom corner of the field and go left into a thicket surrounding the lakes.

Be careful not to disturb any fishermen. Keep right beside the end of the lake and go right along the path through a thicket of trees and shrubs. Cross the wooden footbridge into a Willow plantation and go diagonally right up the slope and go ahead with the hedge on your left. Go left through a gap, up into a field (known as Witches Field), and continue along the upper side of the same hedge with the hedge and ditch on your right. Follow path over a wooden footbridge and to the end of the further field go right at a way-marked junction down the bank where a portion of the ditch has been filled in.

Go immediately left and continue with the wood on your left, go right at the narrow far end of the meadow and over a wooden footbridge. Go left with the river on your left, through a gap and along this second narrow meadow. At the far end go right and left through a broad gap and continue with the river on your left to the bottom corner of the field.

Go through the gap and right along the far side of the hedge. Go over a footbrifge to cross back through the hedge. As you near Oliver's Farm at the top of the field go diagonally right across the cultivated land. There is usually a clear path, cut or sprayed off. Go a few yards over a piece of old concrete road then, as the definitive right of way is obstructed, go ahead through a gap in the corner down and up out of an unbridged ditch. As you emerge from the ditch go left and follow the fence beside Oliver's Farm rejoining the right of way at the Great Yeldham Road. At the Road go left for a few yards then right into a field by a footpath signpost. We hope that either the official right of way is reinstated or that the usual unofficial diversion is formally accepted.

Keep ahead along the side of the field with the hedge on your right, go to the far corner, follow the boundary left then go right through a gap into Toppesfield Churchyard. Go to the left of the church and out into the road. Go right along Church Lane which becomes a hard, but unmetalled road.

Ignore the first left junction but go left further down by a way-marker post, through a gap into a field.

This is Kitley Field. Follow the field margin with the hedge and ditch on your right.

At the corner cross a plank bridge into Brickyard Field. Go left and along the field boundary with the hedge on your left. Ignore the path joining on the left from the landing strip.

At the far side of the field go through a gap, go left for a few yards then right along a narrow uncultivated strip across the field and through the gap opposite. Go ahead, ignore the unofficial path joining from along the old railway track on the right. Continue with a field on the left and houses on the right.

Join Great Yeldham High Street from down the concrete steps beside the Police Station. (To avoid the steps go through the gap on the right side to Whitlock Drive, down onto the High Street, left, then right to the Village Green.)

Cross the road to return to the village green.

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