Scan of casting B139 Scan of casting B140 Scan of casting B141

Casting prices and stock
B41 . B42 . B44
B139, 140, 141

Wheel data
B41 . B42 . B44
B139, 140, 141

LNER loco sets price list

Scan of casting B41     Scan of casting B42     Scan of casting B44

Full size for 85 dpi screens

Bare weight c. 570 gr
for L.N.E.R 4-6-2 Peppercorn A2 with 8 wheeled tender at 7 mm/ft

A full set consists of 4 x B41 leading, 1 x B139 front right, 2 x B140 mid and 3 x B141 front left and both rear driving wheels,
2 x B42 trailing and 8 x B44 tender wheels.

Dimensions measured direct from Blue Peter at Grosmont in 1997

Photos of Loco

Blue Peter, right hand side in 1997.

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