MTH 1:32 GE Baldwin VO 1000
My garden railway

Conversion for DCC and scale wheels in November 2010.

Electrical: The loco was tested as received with a 12v battery clipped to the track. For both motors combined the stall current was about 5 amps with a running current much lower at under 1 amp. I single DCC decoder (Massoth XXL) was installed vertically in the front of the loco. A diode bridge was fitted between the track current wires and the rest of the wiring leaving the non-motor electrics all on DC. The fan-driven smoke unit operates as normal as does engine exhaust sound - but without any facility to operate the horn or bell sounds.

Couplings: Kadee No 821 couplings were fitted.

Wheels: new wheels with scale flanges were turned from mild steel round bar, bored to 8.2 mm to press onto the existing plastic insulating bushes.
The increased back-to-back wheel spacing (42.4 - 42.5 mm) reduced the pressure of the plunger-type electrical collectors on the backs of the wheels. This was compensated for by slipping small brass caps over their ends - increasing the reach and at the same time giving a harder wearing surface.

1.0 mm wide washers were turned from Delrin to go on the axles inside the wheels to reduce the extra sideplay from my increased b-b. The locomotive now runs perfectly through my 1.4 mm wide point flangeways.

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28 Mar 2012