Tel 01618 322244.
Their archive includes a very large number of Beyer Peacock works drawings.
NATIONAL RAILWAY MUSEUM. Drawings Copy Service, National Railway Museum, Leeman Road, YORK. YO2 4XJ.
Tel 01904 621261. A huge number of drawings are listed in the regional lists (ex OPC), copies may be ordered by post. There is a charge for the lists.
GREAT EASTERN RAILWAY. Drawings from the Great Eastern Railway Society.
These include A3 size copies of the John Gardner Drawings based on the Society collection of Stratford originals.
They include the 1500 class and LNER classes: B12/3, Clauds, J15, J16, J67, J69 and the Y4. Many detail notes are also included.
These are detailed drawings made with model makers in mind.

For list of the Society's publications send a SAE to Barry Jackson, GERS Publications Officer, 14 Quantock Close, BEDFORD, MK41 9EW

NORTH AMERICA. Many sets of reproductions of original drawings from several companies visit the site of Rodger Goldmann Live Steam Locomotives: http://www.livesteamlocomotives.com/drawings/by_rr.htm

G1MRA. Join G1MRA and see the Newsletter for the current source.

DEE: SECR 4-4-0 class D. 10 mm/ft. G1MRA instruction book with drawings. Scale wheels o'k.

PROJECT: MR 0-6-0 class 4F. 10 mm/ft. G1MRA instruction book with drawings. Use scale wheels except for the tender (use T42 for extra clearance for a flat tender floor).

MODEL ENGINEER. CUSTOMER SERVICES, MyTimeMedia Ltd., Hadlow House, 9 High Street, Green Street Green, Orpington, Kent. BR6 6BG.
Tel: 0844 8488822. Model Engineer drawings list free.

CHINGFORD EXPRESS: GER 0-6-0T R24/LNER J67. LBSC. 1 sheet, No LO 54

DOT: LMS 4-6-0 Black Five. LBSC. 1949-50. 3 sheets, No LO 55

DIANA: 4-6-2 Free-lance based on DOT. 4 sheets, No LO 56

EVENING STAR: BR 2-10-0 9F. 10 mm/ft. Thornber. 1999. Scale wheels o'k.

GREEN ARROW: LNER 2-6-2 class V2. 10 mm/ft. Martin Evans. Scale wheels have been used for this design. 6 sheets, No LO 939

KAYE: SR/LBSCR 2-6-0 class K. Moger, Applegate and Hines. 5 sheets. LO 977

MABEL: LNWR 2-4-0 'Jumbo' class. Model Engineer 1966. 2 sheets, No LO 97a

NETTA: NER 0-8-0 Goods Tender Loco. LBSC design. 6 sheets, No LO 93

SOUTHERN BELLE: LBSCR 4-4-2 Marsh/Ivatt Atlantic. 10 mm/ft. Martin Evans. Close to scale. Drivers slightly under scale by just 0.75 mm dia. 6 sheets No LO948

PAUL FORSYTH see his current advertisement in the G1MRA Newsletter.

EMPIRE MAID: GCR 4-6-2T Robinson 9N/LNER A5. Forsyth.

TILBURY TANK: LTSR 4-4-2T Whitelegg 79 class. Forsyth.

and others.

See their page of Miscellaneous drawings including some Gauge One designs.
Reeves state that they hold the copyright to the drawings listed but do not supply castings. All the designs are by LBSC.
As at 21 Jan 2014 included.:
GAUGE 1 835: GER/LNER 0-6-2T N7, trailing wheels on a pony truck. English Mechanics design. 3 sheets.

GAUGE 1 1000: GWR 4-6-0 Hawksworth County class. LBSC design. 2 sheets.

GAUGE 1 515: GWR 2-6-2T Large Prairies with curved footplates as in 51xx and 61xx as modified by Collett. English Mechanics design on 3 sheets.

GAUGE 1 GIRTON: SR 4-4-0 Schools class. 3 sheets.

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