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1:22.6, Gauge 3
LMS Bogie wheel
suitable for Black Five, 8F, Jubilee, Stanier 2-6-4T 4P etc.

3′ 3½″ diam., 10 oval spokes, vee inner rim, 3½″ apparent tread, 5 3/8″ tyre thickness.
Hub 11″ face dia., ½″ out from the tyre.

Source: BR 4-6-0 5MT Black Five No 44806 at Llangollen in 1995, measured direct.

Casting: 44.4 mm tread dia., 35.1 i/d., hub 0.5 mm out from the tyre.

Gauge 3 loco set prices . Casting prices and stock

Scan of a casting in a sets for: LMS Jubilee . LMS 2-6-4T 4P . LMS 2-6-2T 3P

Suitable for the Gauge 3 Society 2010 minimum tyre width of 6.8 mm, or the earlier standard of 8.0 mm.

Scan of casting X134   Scan of casting X134, machined

Cross section diagram of casting X134

Cross section diagram for casting X134 for 6.8 mm wide tyre
Diagram showing safe areas for work holding for machining with a form tool for 6.8 mm wide tyres.
A is the first cut. B is the second cut before facing the rest of the front.
Then bore the axle hole before reversing the work in the chuck and facing the back.
Then form the tyre by your preferred method.
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27 Mar 2013