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1:22.6, Gauge 3
LMS pony wheel.

3′ 9″ diam., 11 oval spokes, vee inner rim, 4″ apparent tread, 6″ tyre width.
Hub 14½″ face dia, level with the tyre.

Sources: Duchess of Sutherland measured direct at Bressingham, Oct 1994 and a works drawing.

Casting: 50.6 mm tread dia., 41.4 i/d., hub level with the tyre.
6″ tyre width at this scale = 6.74 mm.

Gauge 3 loco set prices . Casting prices and stock

Scan of a casting in a set for a LMS 4-6-2 Duchess

Suitable for the Gauge 3 Society 2010 minimum tyre width of 6.8 mm, or the earlier standard of 8.0 mm.

Scan of casting X36

Cross section diagram of casting X36

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