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1 1/2″:1 ft, 1:11.29 for 5 inch gauge
GN leading and tender wheels.

4′ 0″ diam. (originally 3′ 11″), 12 rectangular spokes, low slightly humped inner rim.
Hub: 12″ face dia., ¾″ out from the tyre.

Sources: measurements direct from preserved loco No. 1 at NRM, York, June 1995.
The Stirling Singles, Leech and Body, David and Charles (1965), page 53. (Tyre width).
Great Northern Locomotive History, RCTS., vol. 2 page 164. (Wheel diameters).

Casting: 108.0 mm tread dia., 89.2 mm i/d., hub 1.7 mm out from the tyre.

(= 4.251″ tread dia., 3.512″ i/d., hub 0.067″ out from the tyre.)

Casting prices and stock . 5 inch gauge loco sets, price list

Scan of a casting in a set for a GN 4-2-2 with prototype photographs.

GN tender wheels. A note in the RCTS volume 2, p. 210-212 states that the tender with the preserved Locomotive is from another loco. It was previously used with an old Hawthorn 0-4-2 of 1849. Casting V61 is modelled from direct measurements of a bogie wheel of the preserved loco. The hub only projects by ¾″ from the face of the tyre and is also suitable for a standard Stirling tender wheel.
Scan of casting V61

Cross section diagram of casting V61
Suitable for:
the SFMES 13.6 mm, (0.535″) tyre width and 3.2 mm, (0.130″) flange depth.
or the GL5 standard of 12.7 mm, (1/2″) tyre width and 3.97 mm (5/32, 0.156″) flange depth
For 5½″ tyre width at this scale use 12.4 mm, 0.487″.

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