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1:45 scale
C254, C255, C256, C348
Dutch State Railways 700 class 4-6-0 and 1200 class 4-6-4T driving wheels.

1850 mm, 6′ 0.8″ diam., 18 oval spokes, rectangular inner rim, apparent tread 4″, tyre width 145 mm.
Hub 14½″ face dia., 15 mm out from the tyre, pin between spokes. Note that the coupling rods have one inch less throw than the connecting rods: the driven wheel pin is off-set at half way, driven wheel pin inner half at 12″, outer half at 13″, coupled wheels pins all at 12″.

Sources: works drawing, photographs.

Castings: 41.1 mm tread dia., 36.6 i/d, hub 0.3 mm out from the tyre, pin at 6.9 mm.

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Scans of castings in a set for a Dutch State Railways 700 class 4-6-0 and in a set for NS 1200 class 4-6-4T

Scan of casting C254 Scan of casting C255 Scan of casting C256 Scan of casting C348
      Front driver                              Mid driver                               Rear Driver                   Front driver, 1200 class

Cross section diagram of castings C254, 255, 256, 348

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9 Sept 2017