Great Yeldham Footpath Walks,
4b: Tilbury Meadows, anti-clockwise walk

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Walk 4b Route map

Circular walk, about 1¾ hours. About 4 miles.

There are steep steps and one stile to be climbed.

This walk includes two lengths of temporary permissive paths with the consent of Gray and Dale Farms.

Start: Great Yeldham Village Green.

Follow the pavement left from the Village green, up Leather Lane

Continue past Highfields, then go left up some concrete steps along a path between the houses. (To avoid the steps go along Highfields and right through a car parking area, across a ditch to join the path further down.)

Continue along the side of field with the hedge to your left. At the bottom of the hill go right along a permissive length of path.

Go ahead into Mill Lane and turn left. Go over the bridge at the bottom of the lane and go right on to another length of permissive path.

Go ahead along the bottom of the field past a path joining form the right and go left up a narrow uncultivated strip across the field to the top side.

Go left a short distance to an unmade-up track on your right. Go right between the houses to the road. Go right towards Tilbury juxta Clare.

Follow the road through Tilbury, past the Village sign and turn left on the Clare Road.

Go left opposite a concrete footpath sign (on the other side of the road), down a short path between two hedges.

Go through the gate and right down School Field with the fence on your right, then as the fence turns away continue ahead across the grass to the gate at the bottom. Go through the gate and ahead through the spinney.

Go left from the spinney along the gravel access road to the Church. Continue past the Church and leave the churchyard through a pair of gates.

Keep ahead across a meadow with the hedge on your left. Go through a kissing gate and ahead onto a wider grass track with Tilbury Hall on you left.

Where Tilbury Hall Chase joins from the right keep ahead onto a concrete road to a gate. Go through over the stile to the right of the gate.

Follow the concrete farm road with the hedge on your right, keeping right where there is a branch to the left which leads to the sewage works.

Continue past a small wartime airfield building on your right then go diagonally left to the bottom far corner of the meadow.

Go over the stile, go sharp left a few yards and left again to cross a wooden footbridge.

Follow the path along the bottom of Fox Field, through a gap into Partridge Field, past a track joining from up the hill on your right, and along the bottom of Gravel Pit Field.

Follow the path ahead across the garden of The Change House, past the bottom of the school grounds to a tee junction. Go right up hill then left into Duncan Rise. Follow the road left and right onto North Road and go ahead to the Village Green.

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